Requiem for the "Columbia Transitway"

After a long and thoughtful silence, I have decided to suspend efforts to maintain and update this website at "" which describes the final hopes and plans for a Columbia Transitway.  The website will, however, remain online until August 2021 to provide a record of a long and valiant campaign and provide access to material which might be used to support a future campaign.


Over 50 years ago, Columbia's visionary founder, James Rouse, planned an efficient and environmentally friendly method of connecting Columbia residents with facilities and friends across US 29 along a reserved 50 foot transit right-of way.  For decades this plan was supported by the "Friends of Bridge Columbia" who most recently proposed building "Phase 1" to ease traffic problems on the west side of Columbia.   This effort was dealt a crushing blow in late February 2020 when an article in the Columbia Flier reported that construction would begin on a "multi-use" (not including transit) pathway connecting a portion of Wilde Lake with Downtown Columbia.  Funded largely by Howard Hughes Corporation, a portion of the pathway is now constructed directly over a portion of the right-of-way reserved for transit by Columbia city planners fifty years ago.  This plan, referenced as "SDP-19-036", can be found online at page 7 of the document at

Looking forward to a brighter future, I maintain hope that other portions of the transit right-of-way may be used to provide accessible and environmentally friendly transportation options to additional Columbia residents.  I extend my deep respect and admiration for those who have campaigned in the past and offer my support for any future campaigns.

Sally Ryder