2018 Central Maryland Transit Development Plan

Chapter 7 - Future Transit Development  
Some quotes from Page 7-6

"This TDP recommends a complementary transit concept for a high-frequency east-west transit corridor within Howard County, linking the Howard County General Hospital, Howard Community College, Downtown Columbia, and Snowden Square and the Gateway employment area. As proposed, it would connect most of higher density residential and employment locations in Howard County. It would connect with the BRT, local RTA routes, and MTA services at the new Downtown Columbia Transit Center..."

"Analysis of the concept revealed that the proposed corridor location addressed many FOBC goals, particularly considering projected population and employment concentrations.  As the Downtown Columbia plan is implemented and Gateway redevelopment occurs, the conceptual transitway would serve the existing areas of residential and employment density, key origins and destinations, and several of the Village Centers. It is the corridor entirely within the county most likely to support high-frequency transit."

And then: "Because of the likely environmental damage, the proximity to existing housing, the likely high cost, and the current and projected level of transit ridership, the notion of a separate transitway network in its entirety is not justified for the foreseeable future..."

FOBC Comment:  We believe that it is quite possible that the growth of population density and associated potential level of transit ridership are in excess of those projections.


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