2018 July 12 Baltimore Sun

Howard County wants plans for limiting Columbia traffic as development continues

"A traffic study for the 2010 downtown Columbia plan stated that as development continued, single-car traffic needed to be cut by 15% or the area would face heavy congestion and road repairs, such as lane widening and adding a third interchange on Route 29, which could cost tens of millions of dollars."

and announces the Downtown Columbia Transportation Demand Management Plan

Excerpts:  "The Downtown Columbia Plan includes Transportation Demand Management (TDM) as one element of the overall approach to managing Downtown Columbia’s growth...TDM strategies encourage people to take transit, rideshare, walk, bike, and telework, thereby reducing the number of motor vehicles using the road network. The traffic study that accompanied the Downtown Plan includes a trip generation reduction of 15 percent for TDM. Absent this reduction the amount of development envisioned under the Downtown Plan could cause congestion that would exceed the congestion standard established in the Plan and/or road improvements, some of which will be very costly, may be needed sooner than envisioned..."

FOBC Comment: This document has excellent data on current and projected development and growth of Downtown Columbia and it appears that traffic is becoming a serious problem sooner than was anticipated! Neither the document nor the presentation mentioned the pathway bridge across Rte29. The presentation was attended by Phillip Dodge, the new Exec Dir of the Downtown Columbia Partnership www.dtcpartnership.com who expressed interest in learning more about the Transitway. 

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