The vision of a Columbia Transitway was conceived by Columbia's developers a half century ago. At that time transportation planners laid out a 17-mile right-of-way to serve the existing areas of residential and employment density, key origins and destinations, and several of the Village Centers. The original route included a transit bridge across US29 connecting Downtown Columbia with villages and destinations on the east side of Columbia.  Although a pathway bridge along this route was finally built in 1978 it did not accommodate transit. As the bridge deteriorated over the years, the "Friends of Bridge Columbia" (FOBC) formed to advocate for replacing the existing bridge with one which could accommodate transit.  Further details of their efforts can be found on the website at   When the enhanced pathway bridge was opened in 2018, it was named "Bridge Columbia" in recognition of their efforts.


Current Members​:

Representing the Columbia Association Climate and Sustainability Committee 

    John Klein,  Robert Marietta,  Julian Levy,  Katherine McCarter

Representing the "Friends of Bridge Columbia"

    Bob Bartolo,  Sandy Cederbaum,  Sally Ryder

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