Columbia's Pathways

The Columbia Association maintains 94 miles of multi-use pathways that connect residents to amenities including lakes, parks, tot lots, basketball and tennis courts; all part of over 3,600 acres of open space that have been preserved as a permanent asset for the community. Bridge Columbia believes it is important to build on Columbia's world-class network of pedestrian paths as Columbia moves forward, and the proposed bus, bike, and pedestrian bridge does just that. 

Map showing Columbia Association pathways (green lines) and major recreational open space amenities (orange circles)

Bridge Columbia's vision is in line with important Columbia Association goals dealing with connecting Columbia, energy management, and transportation. Check out the Columbia Association resources below that relate to the vision of Bridge Columbia.

"Balanced Transportation System. Increased connectivity in and around Columbia is important to serve the community’s diverse resident and employee populations. Investments in transportation should focus on systems that connect people of all ages with the places and activities they need to reach. Investments should also expand safety for all users, including drivers, transit riders, pedestrians, and cyclists. Columbia’s signature pathway system should continue to be enhanced."


          -- excerpt from Columbia Association Guiding Principles for the 21st Century


One of many asphalt pathways in Columbia used for leisure, exercise, and ped/bike transit

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