Current & Former Members of Friends of Bridge Columbia (FOBC)  


 Bob Bartolo, Transportation Planner (designed Columbia's original right-of-way), Cyclist

 Sandy Cederbaum, Oakland Mills Community Association Village Manager,

                         , 410-730-4610

 Sally Ryder, Environmentalist, Cyclist, Web-lackey-in-training 


 Fred Gottemoeller, Engineer and award-winning Bridge Architect
 Cathy Spain, Economist, Government Relations Specialist, Writer

 Karen Gray, Community Advocate, Writer

  John Slater,

  Patrick Monroe Patterson, Urban Planner, Transportation Advocate

  Peter Tocco, PTwebDev1


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 Recent Developments:

May 20, 2019 FOBC's New Partnership with CA's Climate Change and Sustainability Committee  

We met to discuss the importance of promoting the use of transit to reduce the rapidly growing problems associated with automobile traffic in Columbia.  We shared information about the existing transit right-of-way and how building the transitway and a transit bridge across US29 would provide a more efficient and sustainable connection between Downtown and Gateway.  We discussed the need for raising awareness of this important possibility, building partnerships with other organizations, and identifying means for funding and implementation.  

January 25, 2019 FOBC sends Priority Letter to Calvin Ball urging raising priority for construction of the Downtown Columbia Transitway

Dec 2, 2018--Baltimore Sun: "As firms plan to exit, county touts strengths"  

"The county ... is losing three companies to Baltimore City. DataTribe, AllegisCYber and Evergreen Advisors.  .... HCEDA (Howard County Economic Development Authority)  last year unsuccessfully tried to court Amazon to place its second headquarters in downtown Columbia. Part of the reason for this failure is that ... it does not have a subway system. "  

FOBC Comment: Wouldn't an efficient and attractive Transitway be an acceptable alternative to a subway system? 

July 2018--Baltimore Sun "Howard County wants plans for limiting Columbia traffic as development continues" 

Downtown Transportation Demand Management Plan presented to residents and business owners

"a database monitoring success of plan to reduce automobile traffic by 15% each year for 3 years to avoid "congestion that would exceed the congestion standard established in the Plan and/or road improvements, some of which will be very costly, (and) may be needed sooner than envisioned"

FOBC Comment: Contains excellent data on current and projected development of residential and commercial properties in Columbia -- without mention of the existing pathway or the potential of the East-West Transitway. Shouldn't a plan for the Transitway be considered along with the TDMP?   


May 2018--Central MD Transit Development Plan includes Bridge Columbia East-West Transitway Concept

 Chapter 7: Future Transit Development: "This TDP recommends a complementary transit concept for a high-frequency east-west transit corridor within Howard County, linking the Howard County General Hospital, Howard Community College, Downtown Columbia, and Snowden Square and the Gateway employment area... 

As proposed, it would connect most of higher density residential and employment locations in Howard County. It would connect with the BRT, local RTA routes, and MTA services at the new Downtown Columbia Transit Center. 

April 2018--Howard County 2018 Priority Letter to Maryland Dept. of Transportation

Includes request "to support planning for a transitway connecting Downtown Columbia, Oakland Mills and Columbia Gateway Park, including a possible transit bridge over US 29" 


March 2018--Bridge Columbia-Transitway Feasibility Study by the Howard County Office of Transportation  

 - not currently available online. Contact for copy

"to assess the benefits and costs of a transit route that would connect  Howard County Hospital to the Gateway area potentially utilizing a separate, bus-only transitway..."

Jan 2018 - The Bridge Columbia East-West Transitway Concept is included in the 

          Approved Central Maryland Transit Development Plan Chapter 7 - Future Transit Development.pdf

Jan 2108--FOBC Letter to County Executive Kittleman urging construction of Downtown Columbia Transitway as high priority in the Howard County 2018 Priority Letter to MDOT FY 2019-2024 Consolidated Transportation Program

Nov 2017 -  Columbia Featured by Baltimore Chapter of Urban Land Institute                     

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