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Kittleman Wins Praise for New Action on Route 29 Pedestrian Bridge (News Release)

Friends of Bridge Columbia - September 1, 2015


     "Friends of Bridge Columbia (FOBC) praise County Executive Allan Kittleman for his decision

     to add the US 29 Pedestrian Bridge to the list of transportation projects in Howard County’s

     'Priority Letter.' FOBC spokesperson Fred Gottemoeller thanked the County Executive for

     asking the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) to allocate funding towards the

     design of an improved bridge to enhance safety features and incorporate transit services in

     a recent letter."

Bridge Columbia White Paper (Document)

Friends of Bridge Columbia - August, 2013


     "This White Paper, prepared by Friends of Bridge Columbia*, urges government and

     community leaders to move forward with the proposal to build an iconic, landmark bike,

     bus, and pedestrian bridge over Route 29 between Downtown Columbia and Oakland Mills.

     It is the first step in creating a new urban transit corridor between Howard County General

     Hospital in west Columbia and Blandair Park in east Columbia. Precious time and

     opportunity will be lost if action is not taken soon. New federal and state transportation

     grants are coming available that could fund 80 percent of the project’s cost."

Comments on Feasibility Studies (Document)

Friends of Bridge Columbia - April 10, 2012


     "These comments are directed at those portions of the HHP Feasibility Studies that address

     the Bridge Columbia proposal. As a result of our review [of the Feasibility Studies], [Friends

     of Bridge Columbia] believe that these Recommendations are not valid!"

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