Advocate for Building Phase 1 in West Columbia

3. Phase 1 will enhance existing bus routes and provide a direct link to future high density transit such as the Downtown Circulator, the Transit Hub and the Bus Rapid Transit along US29. 

4. Phase 1 will raise interest and advocacy for building a transit bridge across US29 to provide a more efficient connection between villages and sites across Columbia and an eventual extension of the transitway to further important destinations to include Gateway.

Benefits of Phase 1

1. Phase 1 will ease Downtown traffic congestion and parking problems by providing an alternative route between Downtown, two village centers, and the hospital and community college which is available 24 hours a day in all weathers. 

2. The transitway will present an efficient, attractive and sustainable connection between sites in west Columbia which is accessible to all residents, including those who can not -- or choose not to -- drive automobiles.  

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