In 2019 Friends of Bridge Columbia (FOBC) began meeting with the Transportation Subcommittee of CA's Climate Change & Sustainability Advisory Committee.  They formed the Columbia Transitway Advocacy Group (C-TAG) to discuss the problems resulting from increasing automobile traffic in Columbia and the possibility of implementing Rouse's plan to build a transitway. The route could follow the existing 50-ft wide transit right-of-way set aside 50 years ago and still owned by the Columbia Association.  Recognizing that current plans do not include construction of a transit bridge across US29 and that automobile traffic in Downtown Columbia has become a major problem, the group suggested building the transitway in phases.   Phase 1 will connect the Howard County Hospital and College with the Columbia Transit Center via village centers on the west side of Columbia and the Columbia Mall.  Click here to download slides from a presentation C-TAG made to Columbia Association's Climate Change & Sustainability Committee in October 2019.  C-TAG has provided input urging that Phase 1 be  included in the current Howard County Transportation Priority Letter 

Click here for C-TAG's input to the 2021 Howard County Transportation  Priority Letter.

                    Plan for Phase 1 in Downtown Columbia


1. Phase 1 will ease Downtown traffic congestion and parking problems by providing an alternative route between Downtown, two village centers, and the hospital and community college which is available 24 hours a day in all weathers.  It will be accessible to all residents including those who can not -- or choose not to -- drive automobiles. 


2. Phase 1 will connect with future transit locations including the Downtown Circulator, the Transit Hub and Bus Rapid Transit.

3. Phase 1 will raise interest and advocacy for building a transit bridge across US29 to provide a more efficient connection between villages and sites across Columbia and an eventual extension of the transitway to further important destinations to include Gateway.

         Planned future extension fm the Central MD Transit Development Plan