Recent News

Downtown Columbia Traffic Problems Studied

March 2018 An excellent article in Urban Land describes the challenges of urbanizing Columbia's Downtown with the increase in high desnity office and residential properties and insufficient accommodation for automobile traffic and parking. Observe the caption under the photo referring to the fact that "the strong east-west axis never materialized." 

Attempts to ease traffic congestion with a Downtown Columbia Transportation Demand Management Plan, additional road construction, bike lanes and bus schedules have had little impact.

Columbia Association forms Climate Change and Sustainability Committee 

July 2018 Formation of the Climate Change & Sustainability Advisory Committee "'to improve the environmental sustainability of the Columbia community and its environs."  A subcommittee was formed to address transportation issues and investigate alternatives which would be more environmentally sustainable and improve quality of life for Columbia residents.  

Columbia Transitway Advocacy Group (C-TAG) Formed

Spring 2019 Three members of the group formerly known as Bridge Columbia (or Friends of Bridge Columbia/ ”FOBC”) joined forces with members of a Transportation Subcommittee of Columbia Association’s Climate Change and Sustainability Advisory Committee to investigate prospects for building the "Columbia Transitway". The route would follow an existing 50-ft wide right-of-way set aside 50 years ago and still owned by the Columbia Association.  Recognizing that current plans do not include construction of a transit bridge across US29 and that automobile traffic in Downtown Columbia has become a major problem, the C-TAG has proposed building the transitway in phases.   Phase 1 will connect the Howard County Hospital and College with the Columbia Transit Center via village centers on the west side of Columbia and the Columbia Mall.

C-TAG Seeks Support from the Columbia Association

October 2019  C-TAG Presentation on the Columbia Transitway Concept to the Columbia Association Climate Change and Sustainability Committee was well received and will be discussed at a future meeting of the Columbia Association.  Click here to download the slides from this presentation.        

C-TAG Booth at HCC Sustainability Day

October 2019 "Olli" attracted many visitors to C-TAG's booth on Sustainable Transportation. Visitors completed a brief survey on their transportation options and choices in exchange for information about the possibility of a Columbia Transitway which would operate using autonomous electric minibuses. A number of visitors added their names to a list of supporters for building Phase 1 of the Columbia Transitway.   

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