Support for Bridge Columbia

Bridge Columbia has gained traction thanks to community leaders and groups that have voiced their support. We welcome opportunities to meet with local organizations who are interested in learning about our cause!

Community Groups

  • Columbia Association Board

  • Town Center Community Association

  • Oakland Mills Community Association

  • Owen Brown Community Association

  • Kings Contrivance Community Association

  • Long Reach Community Association

  • Allview Community Association

  • Howard County Chamber of Commerce

  • Howard Hughes Properties

  • National Association for the Blind,

    Central MD Chapter

  • Friends of Bridge Columbia

"A transit option provides opportunities for better access for east side residents to access Town Center for work, recreation, shopping and other amenities. Transit options would orovide environmental benefits, offer options for seniors and provide an extension of Town Center for residents on the east side, leading to positive economic gains and improved access for all.


-- Oct. 2014 letter from Courtney Watson, former Howard County Council member

"Bridge Columbia must become a top priority as part of the redevelopment of Columbia's downtown. We feel that with the support of Howard County, Howard Community College, Maryland State and the Federal Government, the benefits of the proposed bridge are huge." 


-- Aug. 2011 letter from Abby Hendrix, Chairperson of the Oakland Mills Board of Directors

"The Kings Contrivance Village Board supports Bridge Columbia... The reconstructed bridge would not only safely connect east and west Columbia, but would pave the way for Howard County's smooth transition into the future of public transportation." 


-- Mar. 2012 letter from Barbara Seely, Chair of the Kings Contrivance Village Board

Community Leaders

  • Allan Kittleman, Howard County Executive

  • Calvin Ball, County Council

  • Jen Terrasa. County Council

  • Edward Kasemeyer, State Senator

  • Guy Guzzone, State Senator

  • Courtney Watson, Former County Council

  • Liz Bobo, Former State Delegate

  • Barbara Kellner, Manager of Columbia Archives

"There is no question that the existing footbridge... is unattractive, underutilized, and perceived as unsafe by many. Our constituents have made it clear to us that it does not meet the needs or suit the character of the community." 


-- Feb. 2012 letter from Dr. Calvin Ball and Jen Terrasa, Howard County Council members

"Bridge Columbia takes a page out of Jim Rouse's playbook... this plan is exciting... I would love to see this bridge built. It is in keeping with Columbia's original innovative way of thinking and a much needed link across Route 29." 


-- Barbara Kellner, Columbia Historian and Manager of the Columbia Archives

"We believe that an active transportation corridor should incorporate transit, not only to move people but to put more eyes on the corridor. We strongly support [Bridge Columbia's] efforts to build an iconic structure that all can use with ease and safety." 


-- Nov. 2011 letter from Christopher Tsien, Chief Counsel of Bicycling Advocates of Howard County

"We would like to reiterate our support for [the Bridge Columbia project] and we encourage the initiation of a feasibility study." 


-- Nov. 2011 letter from Michael Cornell, Chair of the Columbia Association Board of Directors

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