Map from Oakland Mills Village Center Plan showing Bridge Columbia's multi-use trail and transit right-of-way as an integral element to future development

"What seemed like a pipe dream... is now close to reality, thanks to the perserverance of... Friends of Bridge Columbia... Properly designed, the bridge will become the lynchpin connecting existing transit rights of way to form a bus system that will benefit the whole community... In December 2014, the Village Board voted to join Friends of Bridge Columbia in advocating for a bridge with two-lane public transit... Implementation of Bridge Columbia with public transit is critical to the success of the Oakland Mills Village Center Community Plan."


          -- excerpt from Oakland Mills Village Center Community Plan

Village of Oakland Mills Plans

The Village of Oakland Mills has embraced the Bridge Columbia vision because it provides a direct link from its Village Center to the amentities of Columbia Town Center. Recent planning documents produced by the Village of Oakland Mills emphasize the importance this connection across Route 29. Bridge Columbia believes strongly that the new bridge will provide a much-needed link between East and West Columbia.

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