Columbia's traffic problems are making the news!

2018 July 12 Baltimore Sun

Howard County wants plans for limiting Columbia traffic as development continues

"A traffic study for the 2010 downtown Columbia plan stated that as development continued, single-car traffic needed to be cut by 15% or the area would face heavy congestion and road repairs, such as lane widening and adding a third interchange on Route 29, which could cost tens of millions of dollars." 

"Development planned in central Columbia over the next 20 years is prompting Howard County’s Office of Transportation and Downtown Columbia Partnership to craft an updated plan to reduce single-car trips by 15 percent and encourage walking, biking, car-sharing and telecommuting."

We find it strange that the solutions suggested do not include transit.

Nov 29, 2018 Columbia Flier As firms plan to exit...

"The county,.. is losing three companies in cybersecurity-related fields to Baltimore City. DataTribe, AllegisCyber and Evergreen Advisors... Howard lacks a subway system that some companies find attractive.  ...   HCEDA last year unsuccessfully tried to court Amazon to place its second headquarters in downtown Columbia.  Part of the reason for this failure is that, unlike, Northern Virginia, it does not have a subway system -- something Amazon wanted."  

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